Auto Body Paint Service In Silver Lake, CA

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We provide auto body paint service in Silver Lake, CA that will make your vehicle look new again. Paint chips are inevitable and can accumulate on the California freeways, but with our professional touch, any blemishes can be repaired quickly and easily! We offer paint jobs on small to full-size vehicles and trucks.


Auto Body Paint Service In Silver Lake, CA.

A new car is a big investment. But if you’ve ever had to drive an older vehicle, you know that the outside of your car is what can determine the value if you ever choose to sell it. Durability, fuel efficiency, and safety are all important factors but the exterior paint is just as significant to many. That’s why you want to make sure that your paint job is top of the line.  

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What is Automotive Paint And Why You Should Only Consider Experienced Auto Body Painters?

Auto body paint is a process where a car’s exterior, including the doors, bumpers, and hood, is painted with a mixture of liquid and powder. The liquid is then applied by hand or machine to the surface. In order to prevent drips from bleeding into the paint, an outer clear coat is applied. The paint job creates a durable finish that prevents rusting, peeling, and fading. It also enhances fuel efficiency and keeps your car clean from dirt and debris that can accumulate on it.

Paint chips are inevitable for cars because no matter how well-maintained they are in their lifetime, there’s always something out there waiting to chip them up. But with our auto body paint service in Silver Lake, CA you don’t have to worry about any damages!


How Can Auto Body Paint Help Your Car Look Its Newest?

Damages are inevitable, but with our professional touch, any blemish can be repaired quickly and easily at our auto body repair shop! Our paint services will make your vehicle look new again and increase the overall value of the automobile. Additionally, these options help with durability and longevity so you can prolong the lifespan of your vehicle.

Paint is an essential part of your car’s quality. Never forget to invest in a quality product for your car’s interior and exterior paint jobs.  We use top-of-the-line coatings with no exceptions so that your new paint job will look vibrant year after year.

We Cover The Following At Our Auto Body Shop

  • Custom paint jobs
  • Minor paint repair
  • Bodywork
  • Scratch repair
  • Car Frame Repair Service
  • Factory finish style paint jobs
  • Bumper repair
  • Color matching
  • Custom paint service
  • Car accident restoration (get your vehicle back to pre-accident condition)

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Why You Should Get Your Car Painted at Our Body Shop In Silver Lake, CA?

Our professional team of auto body painters and frame repair technicians can take care of anything for you. We offer our services in Silver Lake and throughout Los Angeles County. Our paint jobs are done in a fraction of the time that it takes other local painters to do and our staff goes the distance to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final look.

At New Image Auto Solutions we don’t cut any corners when you bring your vehicle to us to get painted.  Here is our process from start to finish so you will know what to expect.

1.  We Determine The Paint To Be Used.

There are many factors that go into choosing the correct paint for your vehicle. The color of your vehicle, the make, and model, the age and condition of your vehicle, how is it going to be used, and what makes will it be going to.

If only a part of your car is being repainted we match the color by using a spectrophotometer. This measures the color of your car and matches it to the paint we have on hand or can get it matched to a specific color. We also use this tool on any new paint jobs to make sure the color is correct before we apply a clear coat.

2.  We Prepare The Vehicle and Mask All The Surfaces That Are Not Being Painted

Before applying auto body paint we strip off all dirt, wax, oils, and other contaminants that could interfere with the bonding process between your vehicle and the paint job. We also carefully apply tape to make sure that any bleeding does not accidentally touch the accents or trims on your vehicle.

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3. Your Vehicle Is Sanded

It is necessary for your vehicle to be sanded prior to painting. It gives the new paint a base to which it will adhere and helps fill any imperfections or damages that were present on your vehicle. This is done to achieve a smooth finish and also to allow the paint’s adhesion properties to produce exceptional body paint.

4.  Coats Of Primer Are Applied

When applying the primer it usually takes multiple coats to cover the entire surface of the vehicle.  We ensure that every coat is completely dried before applying the next.   Nothing is ever rushed so that the craftsmanship in the paint will show when we see the final product.

6.  The Vehicle Is Re-sanded

Sanding again is necessary to even out the surface and give it a smooth finish. This is important so that the base coat will adhere to the car’s surface.

7.  The Topcoat Is Applied In Sequences

This paint is normally used with a variety of other paints. Ratios vary depending on the type and color of paint we’re using, along with how many coats are needed for each coat to be dry before applying more. When applying your topcoat, we start by wiping down the surface again after each coat is applied; then sand it off before finishing it off as usual.

8.  Applying The Lacquer Coat

The process is repeated once more using another 1-2 additional coats

 9.  The Final Step, Buffing Your Vehicle

After all the painting the vehicle is buffed to balance and smooth out all the imperfections. Most body shops follow these steps above but some do not to this extent. There can be problems with the most even paint job including color mismatches, blemishes missing during sanding and painting phases, or paint bleeding. Although they are sometimes a nuisance, these problems can easily be fixed by double-checking your work to make sure you have an even finish and no blemish anywhere else on your car’s body. At New Image Auto Solutions we strive to restore cars back to their pre-accident condition so that both of us are satisfied with our vehicle’s new look!


How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Car Repainted In Silver Lake and The Surrounding Area?

Many types of paint jobs can vary but It costs less than you might think! Our rates are affordable and we guarantee our work, we have the most competitive prices for residents in the Silver Lake area if you’re looking for top-quality auto paint. If the job is complex and may take some time you don’t have to worry because we can put you in a rental car for the time being. For any questions, feel free to contact us at 1-323-668-1300. Our auto body paint services and collision repair in Silver Lake CA have the highest satisfaction rating on Yelp!

Whether you’re looking for a small paint job or something more extensive, we will work with you to find the perfect solution for your car’s needs.

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If You’re Looking For a Quality Auto Body Paint Shop In Silver Lake CA,  New Image Auto Solutions Is The Top Choice.

There are many choices when looking for a body shop in California that can provide you with the best paint job available. At New Image Auto Solutions, we know that every vehicle owner has their own set of standards when it comes to auto body painting.  We understand that your vehicle’s color, age, and condition are all essential factors to consider. That’s why we make it a point to inspect each project and determine the best course of action before providing a quote or estimate.

Get to know us and let us be the shop you can come to for all your auto repair needs!

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