Izzy and Jessy are amazing! I dropped my car off before going on a trip and they helped me arrange a rental for when I returned. My car looked like brand new when I picked it up! I couldn’t believe it! Everyone at Image was very helpful, efficient, and I would recommend Image to all of my friends. Thank you all for everything!
Lesley, Los Angeles, CA
I got into an accident and she really messed up the passenger side of my car. So we tried Image because it was close to our apartment and it had good reviews. I am soo glad that we did. Not only were Izzy and Jess the most understanding people but they did so good on our car. Not only were they able to fix what the woman had broken, but they redid our whole car. (one of their employees thought they were suppose to do the whole car but it was only suppose to be one side) So we came up !!! And on top of that they threw in a detail. No company that I have ever dealt with has been this caring and professional. I recommend them to anyone that needs to fix there car.
Larry, Los Angeles, CA
The BEST Auto repair Team in the World!
True & honest people that are straight forward with the upmost sincerity yet! I am totally satisfied for the 3 times that they have repaired my car…Izzey is the coolest and down to earth guy…Jessie is easy to deal with…and Betsy which I had not met before up until last month, is straight to the point gal.
I am so glad to of found a fantastic auto body shop that takes extremely good care of my car & me! 5 Excellent *****
Noah, Hollywood, CA
I got into my first accident ever and was super traumatized by the whole thing. Izzy took care of me and my car to the point that it literally looks better than when I first bought it! He fixed dings and dents that weren’t even from the accident just to make it look perfect. My car was finished in a week and I couldn’t be happier. Now I just have to deal with the fear of driving again, but hey I know Izzy is there if anything happens:)
Alina, West Hollywood, CA
Image Auto Collision is as good as it gets! I’m a longtime customer, and every time, they knock it out of the park. I recently backed into a pole, and today I picked up my car from Image. My car looks absolutely brand new! And their customer service is fantastic. Izzy and Jesse are professional, friendly, and reliable. And I’m happy to know that even though my car is about 10 years old, it can still look as beautiful as it did when I bought it! I HIGHLY recommend them to everyone!
Kim, Los Angeles, CA