Window Tinting

Does Your Car Window Tinting Option Work Well For You?

Hot days are hard on cars. The sun’s rays penetrate through the window and do a lot of harm to your interior over time. Window tinting is a great idea for glare and heat reducing, thus helps to protect one’s car interior.

Car Window Tinting Options

When you walk into our facility and ask for window tinting, you’re going to get an ear full of questions. That’s because there are quite a few options to consider when picking out the right tint for your car.

Film Tinting:

If you’re bringing in your car for tinting aftermarket, this is a very popular method. Should you pick this option, you’ll be getting a thin polymer film that is tinted to your preference.

There are different shades to pick from as well as how the film looks on the outside. Consumers can often pick between flat, reflective, metallic and mirrored films.

Film tinting is popular because it’s the least expensive option.

Film tinting may help prevent your windows from shattering in the event of a crash. However, film tinting won’t last forever. On average, you can expect film tinting to last about five years. After that, you might start to experience cracking or peeling. Some films might even start to turn purple or yellow.

Ceramic Window Films:

These do not contain dyes like those found in normal window films. The result is that they do not discolor over time. They are also better at reducing heat and glare than the normal films.

Metallic Window Films:

While extremely good at reducing heat and reflecting UV rays, they may interfere with your radio, GPS or cell phone depending on what kind of metal was used. They also tend to be shinier on the exterior which other drivers may find distracting.

Coating Tinting:

This process applies a special tinted solution to your car windows. It is usually sprayed on. This process requires removing the whole window prior to application. The advantage of this type of tinting is that it lasts quite a bit longer than film tinting.

There are two things to consider when picking out an appropriate window tint: the color of the tint and the shade.


Black is by far the most popular tint. Black goes with any paint job and it’ll always look “in” whereas you might run into looking outdated with other colors. That said, many shops offer a variety of colors. Besides black, bronze and amber are also popular colors.


This refers to how dark the tint will be. Our body shop will have you pick out a shade by what percent the shade transmits visible light. It is best to check with your state’s laws concerning tinting before you choose a shade.

If you choose something that is too dark, you could face a hefty fine. We recommend that you pick between 5%, 20%, 35%, and 50%. The number tells you how much visible light you are seeing. So in the case of a 5% shade, you’d only be able to see 5% of the visible light coming through your window. While these numbers tell you something about the visible light entering your vehicle, ask one of our experts what effect your tint shade will have on heat reduction and UV rays.

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